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Companion: A one-day exhibition curated by Nadine Lemke

Performances by 

Modern People 16:30

Composing MRI to MIR 17:00

Participating artists: 


Alexander Felch, Bartholomäus Kinner, Bartosz Dolhun, Bianca Pedrina, Christina Romirer, Daniel Hafner, Eva Seiler, Heti Prack, Johannes Franz-Figeac, Julia Frank, Marit Wolters, Nadine Lemke,  Terese Kasalicky, Philipp Leissing

Music provided by DJ Soziale Plastik Beuys


... a peripheral intermediate city, between living space and non-place, which does not form a unit, but collects ideas, is a field of experimentation and a search, a longing for free space that is incomplete and with gaps ... Objects, things and actions that are in this scene, do not need completion, they want to stay open ... for change, for the needs of the world, for the questions of the times ... they bring something with them or leave something behind, they have missed something or do not want something anymore, they are fragments from different realities and times, Set pieces of the environment ... they act here as a counterpart, as a companion, whom you like to be around, with whom you like to be ...


no DREAM ESTATE nation, main opening

After the development of the DREAM ESTATE complex over the course of the summer, the main opening event no DREAM ESTATE nation will be the first time in which all of the area's platforms will be in action. The event is curated by Karin Pernegger and Reinhold Zisser. The following artists will contribute:


Istvan Antal / Johannes Baudrexel /  Elisabeth Falkinger / Matej Frank / Anne Glassner / Richard Hoeck /  David Přílučík / David Moises / Imre Nagy / Brigitte Kowanz / Lucie Nováčková / Katrin Plavcak / Esther Stocker / Martin Vlček / Reinhold Zisser

Opening Speech: 16:30 
Performance: 17:15 
Concert internetband by Flora Hauser: 19:00 

On the ridge of utopia and dystopia, gentle waves on the lake, fine lines in the calculus of political decisions, market-oriented, forward-looking.
The feeling of the last city. Cornfields in front of real renderings, littering by the lake, a shimmer and glitch of a recurring building.
The no DREAM ESTATE nation, a place that faces the future, or what may comes after it; the wild ones of Aldous Huxley, the no nation people.

The accomplished DREAM ESTATE, a formation of concrete pedestals, each weighing several tons and with rotated roof structures on top. Based on the concept of Reinhold Zisser. Planned and executed by Rainer Stadlbauer, both part of TEAM DREAM ESTATE. The new platforms stand in a dialogue with the former Notgalerie, the cultural pioneer which disappeared.

The exhibition curated by Karin Pernegger and Reinhold Zisser is a record of a long breath. Unchangeable but perhaps quite different again, the conviction manifests itself in the substance and shows its property of changing aggregate at lightning speed.

no DREAM ESTATE nation is written on Katrin Plavcak's banner. It features her work "Proposal for a sculpture in public space" from 2006, which shows an interrupted tubular form running horizontally through the pictorial space. The background shows a panorama of a construction site, comparable to the site of the Notgalerie and the Seestadt. As a flag at a height of about 10 metres, the pictorial subject frames and opens the overall exhibition of the DREAM ESTATE.


13.08 - 15.08.2021 


From 13 to 15 August, the DREAM ESTATE will become a tent city with the event BRING YOUR TENT! 


Platform for contemporay art Seestadt

Saturday, August 13 till 15, starting at 7 pm


Divided Spaces / Part II: Visions

A collaboration project between Pragovka Gallery Prague and Notgalerie. Artworks by Lucie Nová­čová and Martin Vl­ček. Accompanied by the finest music provided by Eren Duman.


Platform for contemporay art Seestadt

Saturday, August 7, starting at 6 pm



Pragovka Gallery is an autonomous Gallery Project in Prague with a wide range of tasks and functions. It emerged out of an act of appropriation and subsequent use of an old factory site. The project started in this factory, situated at the outskirts of the city, when a big company began a renovation process of the area. For almost ten years of studios existing in the area, that in the beginning had a feeling of an interim use of an space in transition, continuously grew during 3-4 years into a form of an Prague art institution.
In a sequence of conversations that took place in a period over the last year the inventors and core members of each project investigated each others concepts and experiences. These talks showed many similarities in each others origins, strategies, fears, goals, problems and successes that both projects, PRAGOVKA and NOTGALERIE went through over the years.
One key element in both projects seems to be that both representatives of Pragovka, in their origins, are not gallerists or curators but artists themselves. These positions determine the directions of which the concepts emerged and made their consequent ways over the years from inside an art system described by needs and visions of the artists themselves.
The moment Lucie Novácková and Martin Vlcek show their own artistic work in two of the Viennese Spots of Notgalerie creates a Simulacrum. The determination of the institutional practice that grew from an artistic approach, strong enough to reach a similar construction, enables a short moment of silence. In this quietness Lucie and Martin place their works in an exhibition setting that takes place in these two very different Art Places run by Reinhold Zisser (creator of Notgalerie) in Vienna.
Lucie Nováčková, artist and artdirector of Pragovka Gallery creates Installations in which she retranslates moments of her cultural work as well as impressions and feelings from more personal impressions. In her postition as head of an institution she self created she finds herself and her institutional system of Pragovka Gallery work in a system that Foucault described as Heteropia.

"Real places, effective places drawn into the institution of society, counter-placements or abutments, so to speak, actually realized utopias in which the real places within culture are simultaneously represented, contested and turned, places outside of all places, as it were, however they can actually be located."
Michel Foucault: Die Heterotopien/Der utopische Körper 

Her own art work, on the other side, grows up from totally different positions:
The fibre materials that she is working with in her installations are symbols of two completely different moments. On the one hand symbols of a classic female craft with its spiritual power based up on female weavers positions in certain nomadic cultures. At the same time and in our west circumstances, symbol of a disruption in which a system has been dissected down to its last parts. Through the open warp technology, she using as the base for her installations, she confronts the viewer with the feeling of emptiness, loss and non-repeting situations presented by repetitive acts, during which the names of the work are pointing at the parallel of the warping the text and material she uses, which both are revealing something hidden.
Martin Vlček is in his art work focusing on moments of dissapearance of public and personal places. This fascination led him also to have a studio at Pragovka and finally be part of Pragovka Gallery as an assistent. For his Viennese installations he brought objects that represent his constant and utopistic passion to transfer a potential and atmosphere of lost places to a new context in order to create a new small environment. Old neon light lamps collected from the building E in Pragovka area with studios, café and galleries, are used to rebuild/remember a year ago demolished site (Hall No. 9) within the area. As a contrast to these icons of self represantation stands the material of plaster that he is using for his second part of the installations. Martin Vlček describes plaster as a material used for making sculptures and copies combined with vires evoking 3D models, the virtuality, (non)existing reality and an imprint of past.


My Sun, My Sun, What have you done? 

Performing artist: David Přílučík & happy ending: internetband by Flora Hauser


Platform for contemporay art Seestadt

Thursday 22 July starting at 7 pm



The installation MY SUN, MY SUN WHAT HAVE YOU DONE by David Přílučík is the first installation at the new Meta-art object LAVKA-Notgalerie.

David Přilučík's intervention works with the motif of insect light traps. His work - My Sun, My Sun, What have you done? Is shifting the logic of hunting and extermination not only to attract visitor's attention, but also to those we have tried to consistently and systematically pull out of our interiors, wardrobes, meals and bloodstreams. As a result of the climate crisis, the failure to investigate the treatment of soil and landscape extinction faces half a million species of insects. One of the key players is also light pollution.

The Display Art Work that he is opening with his Installation is the LAVKA-Notgalerie. This was created as a cooperation between Czech artist Martin Zet and Viennese artist Reinhold Zisser and was originally erected as part of Martin Zet's solo exhibition at the House of Arts Brno. In the summer of 2020, the 30-meter-long installation was translocated to the Notgalerie project in Seestadt Aspern, and recently half of it was moved back to Brno, where from now on, for a period of three years, it will establish a connection between the Vienna Seestadt location and Brno.
During this period, artists will be invited to occupy both halves of the LAVKA-Notgalerie bridge and, with their works, to investigate and expand the interweaving that has developed between the two locations.

David Přílučík takes up this invisible interweaving, through which the connection from one place to the other is to be produced at the respective ends of the bridges, and exaggerates the moment through the use of UV light with which he attracts moths and other nocturnal insects that now bring the installation to life. The inverse trap thus functions as an ambivalent space for interspecies meeting and asks questions about the form of our mutual coexistence. Radiation from UV lamps is called black light, and like this phrase, these black rays shining through the exposed objects carry a contradiction:they must shine to want darkness. When his installations in Vienna and Brno attract butterflies, insects, art visitors and passers-by, the same wavelength of the two light installations creates a moment of transition in which we can tangibly experience the other end of the respective installation for a moment.


Accompanying the opening in the Seestadt Flora Hauser will perform the act "happy ending" with her solo project "Internetband" starting at 9 pm. Flora Hauser plays her second concert with her solo music project internetband. In the performance, „happy ending“ internetband leads through a narrative journey that builds up on contextual matter of operetta and emo. Light weight and with a wide range of emotions, new compositions will be fluently mixed with a cover of MIKA‘s ballade Happy Ending.


Grand Opening of DREAM ESTATE