Open Call 2022


 Artists in Residence 

Residency period #1: April,1 – July 30, 2022

Residency period #2: May 15 – September 15, 2022


Deadline for submissions: January 17, 2022, 5 pm CET

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studio das weisse haus, in cooperation with Notgalerie Seestadt – DREAM ESTATE, is announcing a four-month residency for two international artists. The aim of the stay is to realize a project in public space, respectively on the platform Dream Estate. Furthermore, the participating artists will be supported with time, space, and networking opportunities. The candidates are selected by a call for submissions according to the proposed project.


Each residency includes
––a monthly allowance of 800 euros.
––a one-time contribution to the travel expenses.
––up to 200 euros are provided for traveling within Europe, and 400 euros for traveling outside of Europe. In case you are based within a radius of 1,000 kilometers, we highly recommend to travel by train or bus.
––living and working arrangements free of charge.
––a production budget of max. 2,000 euros, including transport and / or disposal of the material at the end of the residency.
––the realization of the proposed project at Notgalerie Seestadt – DREAM ESTATE. Depending on the respective proposal, the first months can be used for research on site and the specification of the submission, whereas the realization is supposed to take place towards the end of the residency.
––networking opportunities.
––curatorial and technical support as well as consultation from the team of studio das weisse haus and Notgalerie Seestadt – DREAM ESTATE.


Application Guidelines
This call for submissions is addressed to international artists who, preferably have experiences with projects in public space––in the form of installations, performances, temporary interventions or participatory projects. However, the main selection criteria will be the proposed project and its feasibility, as well as the artist’s experience according to previous projects. studio das weisse haus and DREAM ESTATE favor proposals that meet their general objectives and ensure high quality and clarity. We also encourage socially-engaged and participatory projects that take place in the urban space.


Artists who would like to be considered as candidates, are asked to submit the following documents in English (max. 10 MB) with the subject “Artist in Residence 2022” to


1) The fully completed application form (download)
2) A professional CV detailing recent projects, exhibitions, workshops and residencies (max. 2 pages).
3) Up to five examples of previous projects (realized in public space), that refer to the proposed project.
4) A work description (max. 3,000 characters incl. blanks). For more information, please see the fact sheet (download) and note that only one platform is available for your project. The intervention can also take place in the Seestadt district. A sketch of the installation or a schedule of the planned intervention is not mandatory but welcome, if it is helpful for the comprehension of the project. In case a special equipment is needed, you may mention this in your proposal.


In case of questions, please contact: Katja Stecher,


Selection Process

All submissions that meet the aforementioned criteria and arrive by January 17, 5 pm CET will be reviewed by a board of experts on January 24, 2022. This years’ jury members are:
––Pablo Chiereghin, artist
––Alexandra Grausam, director of das weisse haus / studio das weisse haus
––Barbara Horvath, curator and director of Kunstverein Eisenstadt
––Katja Stecher, program manager studio das weisse haus
––Reinhold Zisser, founder of Notgalerie Seestadt – DREAM ESTATE

studio das weisse haus is a residence and studio program for local and international artists, curators, theorists and critics. The program was founded in 2013 by Kunstverein das weisse haus. Our main purpose is to offer a platform where professionals from the art field can work together. We seek to support artistic practice and create a site where innovative projects can prosper. The main goal of this residency is to support an international artist with a two-month stay in Vienna, in order to carry out his/her ongoing research project.


The Notgalerie Seestadt - DREAM ESTATE project is an attempt to create a sculpture park in the Seestadt urban development district, an area northeast of Vienna where a satellite city has been under construction for about ten years. The Open Call focuses specifically to three locations on the area: eight platforms, the main stage, the container.

The eight platforms:

  • The foundation is made of a concrete block, measuring about 1 cubic meter.

  • The construction consists of an inverted wooden roof frame that carries the black painted platforms.

  • Each platform is about 2 by 3 meters in size.

  • It can be used for installations as well as for concersts, performances and interventions

Your art here

concrete block platform

The main stage:

  • This part was the the former foundation of Notgalerie.

  • It is about 8 by 20 Meters in size.

  • On top there are 5 sub-platforms painted black.

  • They can be used for installations as well as for concersts, performances and interventions.

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main stage 


  • It serves as storage for materials and tools.

  • The container can also be used as a bar.

  • It is surrounded by a construction that functions as a main stage for concerts, performances and interventions.

  • Both the container and the main stage have electricity and water supply.