Dream Estate

 Platform for contemporary art Seestadt 

 Platform for contemporary art Seestadt 


The lockdown has put the Viennese cultural sector into an artificial deep sleep for almost half a year. The DREAM ESTATE project seems almost allegorical for the current gradual awakening: an outdoor venue for the first events after the lockdown, which promises a place, far away from everything, that works as a sculptural statement, as a meeting place for cultural creators as well as a pleasing opportunity for a questioning of the present and to yearn again.


In collaboration with contemporary curators and artists, the DREAM ESTATE project will realize a multi-part exhibition series in the summer and autumn of 2021 that will occupy the urban field on the edge of the Seestadt.

The area was the home of the Notgalerie project for four years. After its disappearance in 2020, it was deconstructed as a participatory stage play over three months under the title I WILL NOT PERMIT YOU TO LEAVE ME ALONE. From the first dismantled panel to the disappearance of the Notgalerie, there were over thirty events that accompanied and commented on the process. This cultural marathon has created a number of great memories for everyone involved, but has also left a huge void in the cultural sphere of the Seestadt.

Now we see the vanishing of the Notgalerie as the former main actor as a potential. The empty space and grid-like structure of the foundation of the Notgalerie, will be revived as the platform for contemporary art in summer and autumn. A collective of internationally established curators and artists will gather there to explore and reshape the site and its significance.